Rudy Project Rydon 2017

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Rudy Project combines state-of-the-art design technology with advanced material science to produce RYDON sports eyewear. The worldÕs most popular sport glasses favoured by triathlon, cycle, run, sail, golf, tennis, and outdoor sports enthusiast, and the most popular model in the range across the globe. Featuring full adjustable nose and temple ends fit to total comfort personalisation, Quick Change lenses system, revolutionary ImpactX optics, Rydon is able to take both RX prescription clips or the new RX Direct in frame prescription clips which are friendly and designed, engineered and made in Italy. This model feature the Impactx photochromic green lenses which relax your eyes against the green grass by reducing the blue light reflexting off the surface. The photochromic green lenses changes colour from light green to dark green when activated by UV light.

Product Details

  • Lens: Non prescription
  • Lens Tint: Photochromic


Lens Type:
Lens Light Transmission:
9-74 Percent
Product Size:
Medium Face, Large Face
Rx Program:
Direct in Frame, Rx Adapter